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A private island that heals and elevates you and your purpose.


Heal, Elevate, Transform

Come be transformed by the renewing of your mind,
alignment of your body,
and the elevation of your spirit.

Step into a fully immersive, deep wellness, healing environment.

The Aerial, BVI is an eco-resort that serves as an incubator for positive transformation.

Harmonize your life pillars and become an unstoppable force for good.



As Recently Featured In Travel + Leisure


"This All-inclusive Private Island in the Caribbean Is One of the Most Beautiful Places I've Ever Been — and It Just Got Easier to Visit"

Paradise with a purpose, found at The Aerial, BVI.


Book A Room


Our newest booking option allows you to book your all-inclusive stay on the island for any length of time that you'd like to elevate. Booking a room allows you to be fully immersed in our one-of-a-kind luxury wellness resort experience.

This all-inclusive stay includes private transportation to and from the airport, food and drink prepared by the private chef, all island and beach activities, our Redemption Ranch experience, and countless wellness activities and therapies.


Exclusive Use of the Private Island


As one of the newest private island destinations in the BVI - The Aerial, BVI is being exclusively booked year-round for guests up to 34 people to enjoy a new type of luxury, Purpose Luxury. When you book the entire island to enjoy our wellness retreats, you will be assigned a personal concierge team to tailor every element of your stay to ensure your wellness journey is as elevating as possible.


Elevate Your Network

Attend one of our transformative retreats

group of people doing wellness retreat activities


"I have traveled to many places and been to private islands, this one takes the cake! Aerial island is the most magical place in the world. Every detail put into this island is for your healing and growth."

Andrea D

"How does one put into words how amazing this place is? I returned home last night from a retreat that was nothing short of life changing. I’m returning home with a new mindset, a healthier body, and a growing love for my husband and businesses."

Samantha C

"The Aerial BVI is an experience like no other; Breathtaking Views, Limitless Experiences, Nourishment for the mind, body, and soul."

Courtney R.

"Life changing. One of a kind. Unconventional. Soul refreshing. I’ve had the privilege of being a guest on The Aerial BVI twice now, and to say that the experiences have been life changing is an understatement."

Hannah P

"The staff on this beautiful island is incredible. They never say no. They are well equipped to take care of every single person’s needs with a smile and never judging attitude Britnie and Jeramy are second to none."

Paulie K


Island Amenities & Activities


This new all-inclusive private island destination brings together the unparalleled beauty of the British Virgin Islands with an authentic, transformative experience for you.

Here you can connect back to nature, discover your breakthrough, heal, elevate, and Stay Present.

During your stay you will have exclusive use of all our island amenities and activities.

Highly-trained personal staff
Private island beach
Spa treatments
Equine therapy
Saltwater pool
Beach gym
Miles of hiking trails
Concierge service



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