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by Laura Begley

6 Most Exciting Places in the Caribbean in 2024

Wellness-focused luxury takes center stage with the recent opening of the Aerial on Buck Island, the BVI’s first fully fledged all-inclusive resort with yoga, horseback riding, and a unique beach gym.



Forbes article feature of The Aerial, BVI

by Rosie Bell

The 12 Best All-Inclusive Resorts In The Caribbean

The balmy breezes and gorgeous cerulean waters of the British Virgin Islands are a visual painkiller, but if you want to make more of a concerted effort at mind, body and soul soothing, shake the ennui off with a stay at The Aerial BVI where the rooms are bestowed with inspirational names like Clarity, Abundance, Love and Peace. Each day brings a bevy of immersive and educational activities that run the gamut from horse therapy and cacao ceremonies to sleep hygiene classes and sunrise meditation. Evenings are for guided stargazing, nighttime paddle boarding, mocktail-making and calorie-busting salsa dances. Wellness pulsates through every part of the resort.




by Tristan Rutherford

Hate Tourist Crowds? Rent a Private Island—for $250 or $25,000 a Night

They were once the domain of billionaires and Bond villains, but a robust private-island rental market has made it easier to take a vacation without a single other tourist in sight.



by Eve Thomas

Spas Meet Science

And finally, for a retreat that’s unquestionably immersive, there’s the all-inclusive Aerial Resort, set on the private 43-acre Buck Island in the British Virgin Islands. They call their approach “Purpose Luxury”—promising to help guests figure out what matters most to them, and leave them transformed. Activities include themed meditation, strength training, reef cleanups, and even animal therapy with rescued horses and tortoises at the property’s Redemption Ranch. It’s not just for everyday stress or anxiety, either— Aerial’s Heal the Heroes summits invite retired army veterans and first responders from around the world to recentre themselves and rediscover their life’s purpose.



by Jill Ettinger

From Garden to Glass: The Eco Spirits Trend Takes Off at Luxury Hotels

It’s a trend also taking hold at The Aerial hotel in the British Virgin Islands. The Aerial takes eco spirits and sustainable dining to another level. CEO and Founder, Britnie Turner, believes in the power of food to elevate health and consciousness. “Our food ethos is: To heal people and raise their frequency via food,” she tells Ethos.



by Robin Trimingham

Designing an Ethical Triple Bottom Line Tourism Business Model
Britnie Turner, Founder & CEO of The Aerial BVI, chats with Robin Trimingham, The Innovative Hotelier Host, regarding the advantages of utilizing the triple bottom line business model to design and operate a luxury boutique hotel facilitating transformative travel experiences.
Travel and Leisure

by Elizabeth Rhodes

This All-inclusive Private Island in the Caribbean Is One of the Most Beautiful Places I've Ever Been — and It Just Got Easier to Visit

If you’ve ever fantasized about packing it all up and leaving the world behind for your very own private island, I found the next best thing. Until June of this year, you could only book a stay at The Aerial, BVI for retreats called Elevate Summits or whole-island buyouts.

Forbes Aerial BVI

by Joanne Shurvell

8 Of The Best Private Islands To Rent In 2023

A secluded private island holiday might be more accessible than you think. There are numerous companies who will arrange this or, for a DIY approach, there are islands located around the world listed on Airbnb. In some cases, they can be more affordable than staying at a hotel in a crowded beach resort.


by South Florida Caribbean News

The British Virgin Islands Celebrates First-Ever Nonstop Flight Service From The U.S.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands – For the first time ever, travelers may now fly to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) with daily nonstop service from Miami to Beef Island via American Airlines.

jasmine-elias-boswell-british-virigin-islands-with-sarah-rose-summers-on-horseback-1067x1600 1


My Time in the British Virgin Islands

I stayed on a private island in the british virgin islands!! and it was everything and so much more.

I was fortunate enough to spend 5 days soaking up the sunshine and more importantly, growing at the aerial bvi. the aerial is not your typical beach holiday vacay spot. it’s a wellness resort, that focuses on growth, healing, focus, vision and everything that’s good in life.


by Susie Evans

BVI - Food Inspired

My time spent at the Aerial was so special and left me with a more conscious mindset about how I am treating my body and what I am putting into it. At the Aerial they have a pescetarian forward menu. There is an emphasis on healthy fats with clean and lean proteins in the form of fresh fish. All the food and drinks are sourced locally either on the island or from local caribbean islands.


by Jenny Southan

The Rise of the Radical Sabbatical

The days on the island had been emotional and intense (there were tears at nightly dinners where we each had to stand up and share our realisations), but also exhilarating and euphoric. By the end, it felt like I’d been on the island for a month. My mindset had undergone a huge shift.


by Newsdesk

The Aerial, BVI Now Taking individual Bookings

The Aerial, BVI, which opened in 2021, is set to expand its booking model to welcome guests with individual room bookings starting May 19, 2023. Previously only bookable by exclusive resort buyout or via “Elevate Summits,” the property will invite guests to book single- and double-occupancy guestrooms and villas that overlook the Caribbean ocean or verdant island grounds.


by Mindy Poder

How to Book a Hotel Buyout

During the days of social distancing, the desire for a vacation space of one’s own was strong. Everyday vacationers flocked to recreational vehicles (RV), and RV vacations peaked in popularity. Members of the 1%, on the other hand, ensured their privacy not by booking a house on wheels, but by renting out entire properties.


by Healing Hotels of the World

Private Caribbean island resort joins Healing Hotels of the World

30 March, 2023, Cologne, Germany -- The Aerial BVI is the latest resort to join Healing Hotels of the World, offering guests a private island setting for personal transformation and growth. Surrounded by the clear blue waters of the British Virgin Islands and with just six luxury residences, The Aerial BVI is designed to help guests harmonize the pillars of their life – body, spirit, finances, impact, mind and relationships – in a beautiful setting that allows them to reconnect with nature and themselves.


by Jenny Southan

Inside the £10,000 BVI retreat teaching ethical capitalism

There are certain moments in life that you will always remember. For me, one of these is paddling out to sea at night in a transparent, glow-in-the-dark kayak, while looking up at the stars off the shores of a private BVI island.

spa view at the luxury wellness resort The Aerial BVI

by Jenny Southan

Global Vision Awards: Honoring the Innovators at the Forefront of Sustainable Travel
Caribbean Wellness Resort

by Jenny Southan

Globetrender 2023 Forecast - Life Hacking Retreats

by Jenny Southan

Seven travel trends for 2023: Life hacking retreats

From Rebel Spending to Modern Family Travel, a new report from travel trend forecasting agency Globetrender has revealed a vision of what travel will be like in the year ahead, where people will be going to and what will be motivating their booking decisions. Download the full report here, but read on for the seven biggest takeaways.

11The 20Aerial 20BVI-dec22-pr

by Jenny Southan

Aerial BVI, spa review A Caribbean castaway island with seriously feel good menus

High on rugged cliffs, this 43-acre private island retreat in the British Virgin Islands – not far from the island owned by Richard Branson – is crowned by a fortress-like mansion with cinematic sea views… just the sort of lair that will surely be snapped up by a Netflix location scout soon.


by Tom Vanderbilt & Hannah Selinger

5 Hospitality Brands Leading the Way in Conscious, Environment-minded Travel

From a private-island getaway to a mountaintop camp, these 2023 Global Vision Awards hospitality honorees value their local communities and support them in meaningful ways, such as building affordable housing and offering skills training to staff, or inviting visitors to learn about local culture in reflective, respectful experiences.

Copy of The Residence

by John O’Ceallaigh

Three more Luxury British Virgin Islands Resorts:

For the Jamaican-born massage therapist Shernette, the reason she has spent the past 18 years on Virgin Gorda is simple: “Every day is like Sunday.” Mid-treatment in Rosewood Little Dix Bay’s hilltop spa, with just the coo of turtle doves and the murmur of the Caribbean Sea below to distract me, I can’t contest that idea.


by John O’Ceallaigh

The Forgotten Caribbean Islands That You Should Explore This Summer:

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Copy of View of Unity House

by Maria Shollenbarger

Travel News: Island Retreats For Peace, Pampering And Privacy

With a similar ethos but a far more elaborate execution – and, if it’s desired, far more hardcore wellbeing programming – is The Aerial BVI. Clutching a rocky promontory at one end of Buck Island, with Bond-villain-lair looks, this all-inclusive private retreat comprises five discrete houses sleeping 30 guests in total.

robb-report-@2x 1

by Mark Ellwood

This New Caribbean Private Island Retreat Lets You Get Away and Give Back

Together, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are the Carribean’s unofficial capital of privacy. The BVI’s roster of five-star resorts is a who’s who of seclusion, with many located on their own islands.


by Steffen Michels

Off to The Aerial BVI

Few are the destinations that understand the art of starting anew and building back better. But the British Virgin Islands have never quite played by the rules.


by Joe Mortimer

News: Hot Events, New Hotel & Global Jettsetters

Designed as a transformative private island escape, The Aerial BVI is an eco-resort in the British Virgin Islands engineered around personal growth.

Copy of DSC05519

by Şebnem Denktaş

Introducing The Aerial BVI

Pandemi nedeniyle açılışları ertelenen bu oteller, muhteşem lokasyonları, ikonik tasarımları ve yeni hayatlarımızla uyumlu hizmet anlayışlarıyla 2021’in favori adresleri arasına girecek.


by Emma Al-Mousawi

Introducing The Aerial BVI

The private island resort offers guests an idyllic setting to switch off their emails and indulge in some R&R.


by Jenny Southan

Case Study: The Aerial BVI

"Looking to create a major change in your life? Do you want to better your physical, mental or financial well-being?

islands-logo 1

by Ashley Burns

Aerial a fascinating addition to the BVI’s

This new private island all-inclusive experience is instantly one of the Caribbean’s most exciting options.

Copy of _DSF1451

by John O' Ceallaigh

The inside story of a self-help retreat for the aspiring elite

As far as inspiring life stories go, self-made Britnie Turner has a good one: now 33 years old, the homeschooled American was living in her car when she started her own property-development business at 21.


by John O'Ceallaigh

The Aerial: The rags-to-riches BVI private island promising life-changing retreats

As rag to riches tales go, Britnie Turner’s is an impressive one. Today a very, very rich 32-year-old, just over 10 years ago the South Carolina native was living in her car and attempting to establish a career in the property industry.

Copy of Buck island shoot_Love Villa_1481 copy

by JV Public Relations

The Aerial BVI, a new all-inclusive private island destination

The Aerial BVI, a new all-inclusive private island destination, brings together the unparalleled beauty of the BVI with an authentic, transformative experience for its guests.

Forbes-logo-@2x 1
An Island For Two: The Best Private Islands For Valentine’s Day

The Aerial BVI The British Virgin Islands are also a prime destination for private islands and this is the newest entry, opening in March on Buck Island, a 43 acre island off the east coast of Tortola.