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The Aerial BVI, a new all-inclusive private island destination, brings together the unparalleled beauty of the BVI with an authentic, transformative experience for its guests. The property has been designed as a bespoke island resort, delivering a new never-before-seen kind of luxury - "Purpose Luxury." The experience provides guests with the space to find their center again, eat healing food, connect back to nature and discover what matters most


The property is known for having the best view in the BVI, set on Buck Island overlooking 14 surrounding islands and the Sir Francis Drake Channel, with over 43 acres and stunning sunrise and sunset views. The resort is comprised of five residences - Unity House, Faith House, Serenity House and the Love + Grace Villas - and sleeps 30+ guests. The property has been harmoniously designed to keep with its surroundings, allowing the natural environment, long range ocean views and vistas to speak for themselves.


Unparalleled in the destination, The Aerial BVI is like no other island experience, with the property's primary purpose is to encourage real, authentic growth and connection from the inside out. The staff are passionate creators who have been empowered to curate an incredible bespoke experience for guests. Bookings include a personal island concierge, multiple island hosts, world-class nutritionist chefs, wellness consultants, spa therapists, water sports instructors, and garden and animal specialists, all welcoming guests to a range of cerebral and physical activities.


The food and beverage has been designed to heal people and raise their frequency, exposing guests to a new way of eating that allows them to think their best, feel their best, create at their best, and connect back to the planet in a beautiful and sustainable way. The property is a true farm-to-table experience serving the most delicious yet healing food on the planet.

Food is strategically sourced locally from BVI, with onsite gardens growing produce and herbs that the kitchen uses, other ingredients which cannot be grown on property come from local suppliers. Any other non-BVI food items are sustainably sourced. By keeping food as local as possible, The Aerial BVI has created strong community ties which guests can experience through forging expeditions with the chef and local cooking classes.


Wellness is woven into the island DNA and runs as a backbone to every guest experience, from the food and beverage to the island activities. The Aerial BVI boasts world class wellness practitioners who are on hand to guide guests through activities such as guided writing, presence training, environmental healing, red light therapies, immunity boosting treatments, acupuncture, nature hikes, yoga and ocean water therapy. Guided wellness retreats are also available and practitioners work with the guest's pre-arrival to cater each retreat to the goals and desires of individual guests.


One mission of the Aerial BVI is to serve as a positive resource for the surrounding British Virgin Islands. During a portion of their stay, guests are given the opportunity to serve or give back in the form of teaching within the community, turtle tagging, reef clean up and more. This collaboration has resulted in a ripple effect of positive transformation for the greater community.


The Aerial BVI's sustainability credentials stretch far outside just the kitchen with practices such as composting, zero waste management programs, sustainable job training programs for locals, electric on-property vehicles (Mokes) and community outreach, with solar on the way. Additionally, the building structure materials are comprised of natural stones and shells from the island itself. The Aerial BVI is one of the most ecologically friendly properties in the Caribbean and a haven for those looking to make a purposeful change to their life.