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Discover Mental Serenity in Paradise

Picture yourself stepping into a realm of solace and renewal, a hidden gem nestled on a private island—a retreat solely dedicated to nurturing your mental well-being.

As our guest, you will embark on an extraordinary journey, immersing yourself in a sanctuary of mindfulness, growth, and serenity.

From the moment you set foot on our island, you will be embraced by its natural beauty, enveloped in a sense of calm that seeps into your soul. Our devoted staff will warmly welcome you, driven by a genuine passion for guiding you toward inner tranquility.

Each day of your stay will include an itinerary of enriching, presence-promoting activities, workshops, and speaker-led sessions that each guide you back to a state of mental clarity and well-being.

Presnce Summit at the Aerial BVI

What to Expect During Your Stay

The true power of attending a mental health retreat on a private island lies in its enduring benefits. As the stress dissipates and mental clutter clears, you embrace presence on a profound level. Our retreat experience serves as a catalyst for self-discovery and introspection, unearthing hidden strengths and resources within yourself. Guided by our team, you will gain insights into coping mechanisms and constructive thought patterns that inspire personal growth. The transformative environment fosters a compassionate understanding of your mental well-being, encouraging self-acceptance and cultivating a positive mindset.

Sunrise Meditation and Yoga

Nourishing Chef-Prepared Meals

Spa Wellness Treatments

Guided Nature Hikes

Horseback Riding and Equine Therapy

Mindfulness Sessions and Workshops

Meditation Retreat
Art Therapy for Mental Health

Invest In Your Mental Well-Being

In the company of like-minded souls on their own healing journeys, you will forge meaningful connections, recognizing that you are not alone in your pursuit of mental wellness. This support system extends beyond the island, providing an enduring network of understanding and encouragement.

Upon returning home, the benefits of the retreat continue to flourish. Armed with a treasure trove of coping skills and a newfound sense of purpose, you navigate life's challenges with greater ease. The inner peace you cultivated during your stay becomes a guiding light, grounding you in times of stress and uncertainty.

This mental health retreat is a profound sanctuary where you nurture your mind and heart, revitalizing your spirit and setting forth on a path of continued growth and well-being.

It is an experience that forever echoes within you, reminding you that your mental health is a precious gift deserving of love, care, and unwavering attention.

Elevate Presence Summit

​​​​​​​​You only have a finite amount of time on this Earth - every day is a gift.​​​​​​

I​​​​​magine how your life would shift if you could stay present to this fact every day.​​​​​​​

More gratitude. More opportunities. More love. More abundance. More impact. That's what happens when you harness the power of Presence and focus on the inner healing of your mental health.

By attending the Elevate Presence Summit, you will embark on a retreat designed to enhance your mental well-being, connect you more deeply with your intuition, and give you a strong understanding of your purpose on this earth.

This retreat will allow you to go beyond being a "human doing" and invite you to welcome in your human being.

Elevate Presence Summit

Learn More About the Elevate Presence Summit

If you've been searching for the perfect escape to truly focus on your mental health, this is where your search ends. The Elevate Presence Summit has been cultivated to give you a true mental and spiritual awakening as you return to your inner voice.