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Elevate Abundance Summit



Are you ready to shatter the barriers blocking your path to a life of limitless success? Step into your future of abundance and unlock the treasures you've always dreamed of

Hear what other's had to say...

"The summit held at Aerial BVI, known as the Abundance Summit, was a highlight of my visit. The island's breathtaking surroundings served as the perfect backdrop for this transformative experience. The organizers had meticulously planned every detail, ensuring a seamless event that left a lasting impact on all attendees. The abundance of knowledge, inspiration, and connections made during the summit was truly extraordinary."

 – Jennie L

At the Elevate Abundance Summit you will...

🚀 Elevate Your Wealth Mindset:

Unveil the secrets to cultivating a wealth-oriented mindset that propels you toward your life's mission. Harness the power to build the riches necessary to amplify your impact on the world.

🧠 Transform Your Mindset:

Uncover where you stand in the spectrum of wealth mindsets—whether rich, poor, or middle class—and master the art of shifting gears for unprecedented success.

🔥 Break Free from Limiting Beliefs:

Bid farewell to the beliefs and habits that have hindered your journey to a life of abundance. Unshackle yourself and seize the prosperity you deserve.

🏦 Master the Wealth Formula:

Precisely identify the methods to acquire and preserve wealth. Gain insights that will empower you to magnify your income tenfold over the coming year, while cultivating diverse streams of prosperity.

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🏡 Learn Real Estate Investing Mastery:

Learn directly from world-renowned experts how to enter the realm of real estate investment. Gain hands-on wisdom that could reshape your financial future.

⏰ Reclaim Your Time:

Take command of your most precious resource—time. Explore strategies to efficiently manage your schedule and relish the freedom that accompanies financial success.

📈 Embark on Investment Prowess:

Absorb knowledge from the most accomplished minds globally on the ins and outs of real estate and stock investing. Uncover strategies that could be your ticket to exponential growth.


Evil will rise when good men and women do nothing. So, if there's something out there in the world that you want to change, you can do that, but more than likely it's going to require money. It's time you learn how to build the level of wealth required to make an actual difference in the world.

Here's what to expect during your all-inclusive summit experience.

Healing Food and Drink

If it's here, it's good for you. All food and drink is included with your stay and will be prepared using locally-sourced, high-quality, and nourishing ingredients by the head chef and island hosts.

Exclusive Amenities

Explore the beauty and adventure of the British Virgin Islands. During your summit experience you will have exclusive access to all water, land, and wellness activities and amenities

Personal Touch

Rest assured, you're in good hands. After booking, you will be given a personal island concierge that will ensure a one-of-a-kind experience including travel to and from the EIS airport.

But don't take it from us...

"More than “best in class” — the ground-breaking, life-changing, transformative, immersive experiences curated on this island bring an entirely new level of reality to those who experience it. If you are at all considering an experience here, you are moving in the right direction — keep going."

 – Caleb P.


Each day on-island during the Elevate Abundace Summit will teach you how to attract and expand the love in your life through morning and evening sessions. In between sessions you'll be connecting with others, yourself, and nature in the most beautiful place on Earth - the BVI.

This summit will bring together a tribe of like-minded people and Day 1 is the time to get to know everyone that you'll be spending this life-changing week with. Set your intention for the week, so you have the clarity to uncover all that this Elevate Summit has been designed to pull out of you.



Britnie Turner

Britnie Turner started her first business at only 21 while living in her car. Six years later she won Forbes 6th Fastest Growing Woman Owned Company in the World. Today, she is the founder and CEO of 5 force for good companies and a non-profit.

Britnie understands the pain of poverty and the struggles that come along with it - she also understands that sometimes you can have money but still struggle with a poverty mindset.

At the Elevate Abundance Summit, Britnie will share with you can reframe your thoughts around money, structure your life and business, and create the relationships necessary to live a life of wealth and impact.


Paulie Kazanofski

Paul Kazanofski, (Paulie)  is the Managing Partner at Revision Homes. He is a real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, builder, developer, and world-champion boxer.

Paulie comes from humble beginnings as an immigrant and worked his way to California when he was a teenager and started building his wealth. He went from zero to having his first liquid million dollars by the time he was 24.

Paulie has now successfully completed over 654 documented deals ranging from single-family homes to commercial malls. His greatest growth has always taken place during recessions. A true master of creating opportunity when others are running.

Paulie was Britnie’s first coach and mentor, and together, they will share with you the opportunities in real estate you can start implementing immediately.


Jerremy Newsome

Jerremy Alexander Newsome is the CEO and Co-Founder of Real Life Trading. The Mission of Real Life Trading is to Enrich Lives and that is done by teaching people how to safely and properly invest in the stock market.

Jerremy's passion for trading and teaching leads to life changing information and impact.

Jerremy promises to always bring high energy, humor, relevance and a colorful approach to education.

Experience Life-Change of your own

"Life changing. One of a kind. Unconventional. Soul refreshing. I’ve had the privilege of being a guest on The Aerial, BVI twice now, and to say that the experiences have been life-changing is an understatement. There is something truly special about being removed from the rest of the world, surrounded by absolute beauty, and submerged in an environment that is designed to heal and unlock purpose. This experience has spurred a desire in my heart to envision more, not just for myself but for the impact my life can have on others. Forever grateful. Forever changed."

 – Hannah P.


During your stay at the Elevate Abundance Summit you will be intentionally placed into one of the many island rooms. Each room comes with its own intention that will keep you in a present state of mind all week.







Elevate Abundance Summit: 2025 DATES TBD


Payment options

Investing in yourself is priceless and we can guarantee that a week spent on-island will transform elements of your life. See below for different summit payment options to invest in yourself.

Pay In Full

1 Payment of $9,987

*Price per individual. Single room is not guaranteed.

Payment Plan

Finance for as little as $484/month

*Price per individual. Single room is not guaranteed.

Bundle and Save

Book 2 Events & Save 10%

*Restrictions may apply. Single room is not guaranteed.

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Elevate Abundance Summit
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