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Best Hiking Spots in the British Virgin Islands

December 11, 2023 | The Aerial, BVI

If you’re in the enviable position of searching for the best hiking spots in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), you’re in luck! The British Virgin Islands offer many stunning hiking trails for people of all levels of experience and fitness who want to take in the Caribbean sun and sea air.

Whether you’re looking for a short walk or a more vigorous workout, there’s something for you in the BVI. Grab your hiking shoes and water and prepare for a breathtaking hike in some of the most beautiful spots in the world.

Sage Mountain Hike, Tortola

This 3.5-mile hike will take you to the peak of Sage Mountain National Park, giving you spectacular views of the island from your lofty vantage point. Though this beautiful hike isn’t too long, beware of the slope that takes you 1716 feet uphill.

Take a taxi from Road Town to the Mountain View gift shop where you will begin your trek. Beginners should take this route slow and steady, head out in the morning to avoid the midday sun, and take plenty of water. Allow 1.5-2 hours to complete this trek and enjoy the views!

The Aerial, BVI

The Aerial, BVI, our private island health and wellness resort, combines the best of marine beauty and outdoor activities with trails winding around the 43-acre island. In contrast to the most well-known trails in the BVI, hiking at The Aerial is only available for our guests. This comes with the benefit that the trails are never crowded.

If you are staying at The Aerial and are not up to a long hike or have physical limitations that make it difficult to do so, you can explore the island in one of our electric Mokes. These eco-friendly vehicles allow you to get anywhere you want to explore on the island. 

Aerial, BVI Trail

Money Bay, Norman Island

This trek is simply perfect if you want to combine a healthy hike with a restorative meal or drinks afterward. Start at the Pirates restaurant (you can come back later!) and head up to the peak of Norman Island.

From there, you can wander along the whole crest of the island. Take in the lush, green vistas the island offers before heading back down for a well-deserved drink. This hike is particularly recommendable in the morning, returning just in time for lunch, or in time for sunset where you can take in the stunning colors as the sun goes down.

There are various options to hike Norman Island, with longer and shorter trails to suit your mood. From the top of the hill, you can head east to follow a longer trail toward Money Bay or head west to end up at Spyglass Hill.

Virgin Gorda

There are various places to hike on the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda. As well as taking in the idyllic white-sand beaches, you can also head up to take in the view from a height.

Gorda Peak National Park

For panoramic views of Virgin Gorda as well as its neighboring islands, taking a steady hike through Gorda Peak National Park is a spectacular way to see the islands from above.

Guy’s Trail

Starting at the Bitter End Yacht Club, Guy’s Trail is a short 2-mile hike that climbs the hill behind Bitter End. The trail heads up and then offers a few options for the descent, all ending up back at the clubhouse. You will enjoy breathtaking views from the top of the hill, the reward for this hour-long hike.

The Baths

Taking one of the hiking trails toward The Baths, found on the southeastern side of Virgin Gorda, is one of the best things to do in the BVI. There’s a marked trail with steps and rope handrails that take you to the beach at The Baths, through the caves, and toward Devil’s Bay.

The Baths consist of huge granite boulders that form stunning natural tidal pools within tunnels, grottoes, and arches. Take a solid pair of sandals to clamber on the rocks and explore the caves off the trail, and go ready with a swimsuit to swim through the caves and bathe in the rock pools.

Shark Bay

Shark Bay, located on Tortola Island, is a breathtaking and unspoiled beach that is largely untouched by tourism. Hikers can spend around half a day exploring the area around Shark Bay or take the day to explore both Shark Bay and Brewers Bay.

Shark Bay has a wide range of different landscapes, including tropical forests, beaches, and stunning cliffs. You can also spot several different types of seabirds from the top of the cliffs and explore the cavernous boulder known as the Bat Cave.

Pomato Point to Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada

This is a beautiful beach walk and a chance to leave your hiking boots behind. This is how BVI hiking should be; white, pristine beaches and crystal clear sea to take a dip in if you get hot.

The route takes around an hour and leads you straight along the beach to Cow Wreck. The reward for reaching your destination is a perfect, isolated beach bar where you can watch the waves as you enjoy a well-deserved cocktail.

Hiking in Nature Brings Multiple Health Benefits

Many studies, as well as lived experiences, testify to the many health benefits associated with hiking. Among the immediate benefits of hiking in natural settings are decreased blood pressure and stress levels as well as improved immune system functioning. Over time, hiking can also reduce excess weight and depression and improve overall wellness. 

Enjoy Unforgettable Experiences off the Beaten Track

The British Virgin Islands offer a paradisiacal experience—whether you’re a seasoned hiker or prefer pure relaxation lying on white-sand beaches and taking in the view. The good news is that many of the hiking trails around the islands offer a rich variety of terrains, experiences, and beauty that you will never forget.

When planning your hike, find out beforehand how long the route will take to complete, what the terrain is like, and where the trail ends up. Then, make sure to take good walking shoes, a sunhat, a water bottle, and a camera and you’re sure to have a wonderful time!