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4 Tips for the Ultimate Private Island Honeymoon

June 21, 2023 | The Aerial, BVI

Have you always dreamed of a private island honeymoon? Then why not escape with your sweetheart to an island paradise with luxurious accommodations, white sand beaches, delicious locally sourced food, and staff members who will go above and beyond to make you feel special?

After all, love is something to celebrate, and private island honeymoons are the perfect getaway for couples seeking an exclusive romantic adventure. To help you get started, we’ve put together our top tips for planning a memorable private island experience to enjoy with your spouse-to-be.

Things to Look for in a Private Island Honeymoon Destination

The best romantic getaways for couples seeking a luxury private beach experience will have certain features that set them apart from the rest. According to EHL insights, some of the key pillars you can expect to find in luxury hospitality are quality and consistency, and accommodations that support “a home-from-home feeling” as well as promote an authentic emotional connection. Additionally, you can expect a private island luxury resort to uphold the following key characteristics:

  • Luxury accommodation. The best private island resorts will offer a distinguished level of accommodation that blends effortlessly with the serenity of the island’s natural beauty. This often includes private villas and private pools. Likewise, private island resorts will provide a great deal of comfort and a high level of hospitality.
  • Romantic activities. A private island that’s set up for honeymooners will offer on-site services such as couple’s massages at a private spa, candlelit dinners on private beaches, and locally sourced meals for two prepared by your own personal chef.
  • Ecotourism. Premium private island destinations often offer exciting and sustainable tourism activities that promote responsible travel to natural areas. In addition, a responsible private island hospitality provider will encourage visitors to appreciate and conserve natural resources by participating in environmental conservation efforts and optionally engaging with local communities. 

Once you understand the components that make for a romantic private island getaway, settling on a destination will be a matter of tuning into the fine details.

Private Island Honeymoon Destination

1. Set the Bar High: Be Specific about Your Must-Have Private Island Features

Every engaged person has probably pictured a perfect scenario for what their honeymoon will look like. However, when it comes to honeymoon planning, it’s vital that both partners have a say in what they would like to experience as part of your shared island retreat. Whether it’s a private infinity pool or access to private beaches, make a list of each of your preferred features. Some features to consider are:


When researching private islands, consider accessibility, weather, and the natural beauty of each of your chosen destinations. It’s also smart to find an island with direct flights or easy boat access. A private island that offers inter-island transportation can be especially convenient. 

In addition, you may want to consider looking for an eco-minded private island resort that offers solar-powered energy and a sustainable means of getting around. For example, at The Aerial, BVI, in the British Virgin Islands, you can explore 43 acres of lush Caribbean island landscape in electric mokes. 

Healthy, Nourishing Meals

For health-conscious couples, a private island honeymoon destination should offer fresh island-to-table meals that provide physical and mental nourishment. This means choosing a resort that is eco-minded and works with a professionally trained chef who excels in their craft. 

Healthy, Nourishing Meals at Aerial BVI

Mind & Body Activities

For nature lovers and mindful couples who prioritize physical and mental wellness, it’s important to look for a honeymoon package that includes activities that support this mindset. For example, a private island resort might offer land activities such as hiking, water activities like snorkeling, and fitness classes like yoga or even therapeutic horseback riding. For beach lovers, things like scuba diving, sunset cruises, and beach access might be key features to look for in a honeymoon destination.

Mind & Body Activities at Aerial BVI

Beautiful and Relaxing Accommodations

When searching for the ideal honeymoon retreat, a newlywed couple should make sure that they choose a private island resort that caters to each of their expectations regarding comfort. After a long day soaking up the sun and participating in a range of soul-enriching activities, a private island hotel or retreat should offer a comfortable place to lay your head. 

For example, a resort that focuses on luxury accommodation amenities might offer silky smooth satin sheets, down duvet covers (made from eco-conscious materials), and high-quality foam mattresses. When it comes to luxury, aesthetics are also important. A first-class private island resort will often feature luxurious villas and rooms with views of the island’s crystal-clear blue waters and spectacular sunsets.

Beautiful and Relaxing Accommodations at Aerial BVI

2. Establish a Budget

Planning a trip to one of the world’s top private island honeymoon destinations takes time and money. And unless your finances as a couple are unlimited, it’s essential to work together to establish a honeymoon budget. 

To set a budget for your romantic getaway:

  • Identify your preferred destinations. With your partner, make a top 3 list of your private island honeymoon destinations and think about the time of year that you both wish to travel. Keep in mind that going in the high season may increase your costs while traveling in the low season is likely to be comparatively cost-effective.
  • Determine the cost of transportation. Add up the costs of your flights, airport transfers, and local transportation. For example, will you need a rental car or charter boat to get to your private island destination?
  • Allocate extra money. Always budget for additional spending. For example, you may want to splurge on extra meals, specialty spa services, day trips, room service, or any activities that are not included in your honeymoon package. Likewise, prepare to adjust your budget if last-minute or spontaneous opportunities present themselves.

3. Book in Advance

After settling on a few favorite destinations and coming up with a realistic budget, it’s time to book your accommodations. Many private island resorts offer all-inclusive packages that include delicious meals, wellness activities, and access to a world-class spa. In some cases, you can even book the entire island just for you and your other half.

Keeping these factors in mind, make sure you inquire about extra services and upgrades that are tailored to honeymooners, such as couples massages, candlelit dinners on the beach, and other fairytale-like adventures. You might even be able to couple your private island honeymoon with a private island wedding!

Private island wedding at Aerial BVI
3 Factors to Take into Account When Planning a Private Island Wedding

4. Choose From the Heart

While movies have romanticized spinning a 3D globe with a blindfold on and jet-setting to the first destination your thumb lands on, there is a better way to follow your gut when choosing a tropical paradise for your honeymoon retreat. These ideas can help you choose an exotic lover’s getaway from the heart:

  • Determine what truly resonates with your soul. Is ecotourism a must-have feature at your resort of choice? Then make sure the private island you choose for your honeymoon promotes sustainable tourism and serves organic, locally sourced meals.
  • Identify your priorities. Whether you crave a positive and transformative experience, cultural immersion, or a mix of everything, identifying your top priorities can help you settle on the most suitable honeymoon destination. 
  • Visualize yourself at each destination. Visualize yourself on your own private island honeymoon. Where do you want to be with your partner? Soaking in a private pool in the unmatched beauty of the British Virgin Islands, or snorkeling around sun-bathed islands in Greece? Either way, the most meaningful escapes are the ones where you can visualize yourself and your spouse being swept away in eternal bliss. 
Just Married -@ Aerial BVI

Say Yes to Your Happily-Ever-After Honeymoon

Just like planning a wedding, planning your own private island honeymoon can be both exciting and a little bit stressful. The key to creating the honeymoon of your dreams is to break it down into parts and consider your partner’s preferences, your budget, and which private island best fits both of your criteria. 

From there, you should make sure your heart truly resonates with your chosen destination and that you can picture you and your partner falling in love over and over again while you’re there. Because at the end of the day, being present with the love of your life will be the most memorable part of your honeymoon experience!