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2025 Dates To Be Announced

Elevate Dream Summit



Get clear on your purpose, get clear on your plan so you can live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Hear what other's had to say...

"This place is exactly what you dream of. Clarity and peace can be found here, like nowhere else in the world. Everything about this place is truly wonderful, including the staff. Everyone was beyond happy and upbeat the whole time. Aerial BVI is luxurious in every way you could possibly imagine, and then some. If you are a Veteran like myself or anyone who just needs a breakaway from the normal. This is the place. Don't miss out on going here. Promise you will not regret it."

 – Kory M.

At the Elevate Dream Summit you will...

🧠 Gain Extreme Clarity In Your Life:

Figure out what you are going for with your one chance on Earth by delving into what matters most to you through intentional exercises and activities.

Release Your Limiting Beliefs:

The biggest barrier holding you back from accomplishing your dreams and goals is yourself. At this summit, you will be challenged to relinquish those limiting beliefs and replace them with new limitless beliefs.

📝 Create An Actionable Plan:

Once you have the goals, dreams, and limitless beliefs to accomplish them – you need the plan. By the end of this summit, you will have a 5-year, 1-year, and 90-day plan for accomplishing what you said you want to be true about your life.

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If you're ready to be armed with the tools, knowledge, and network to be able to bring your dreams to life, this summit is for you.

Here's what to expect during your all-inclusive summit experience.

Healing Food and Drink

If it's here, it's good for you. All food and drink is included with your stay and will be prepared using locally-sourced, high-quality, and nourishing ingredients by the head chef and island hosts.

Exclusive Amenities

Explore the beauty and adventure of the British Virgin Islands. During your summit experience you will have exclusive access to all water, land, and wellness activities and amenities

Personal Touch

Rest assured, you're in good hands. After booking, you will be given a personal island concierge that will ensure a one-of-a-kind experience including travel to and from the EIS airport.

But don't take it from us...

"The Aerial, BVI is truly life-changing. I left a better and more motivated person. From the breathtaking views and amazing amenities to the incredibly talented staff and rescue animals, Buck Island offers guests a chance to unwind, relax, and most importantly, learn to stay present!"

 – Josh W.


Each day on-island during the Elevate Dream Summit will teach you how to attract and expand the love in your life through morning and evening sessions. In between sessions you'll be connecting with others, yourself, and nature in the most beautiful place on Earth - the BVI.

This summit will bring together a tribe of like-minded people and Day 1 is the time to get to know everyone that you'll be spending this life-changing week with. Set your intention for the week, so you have the clarity to uncover all that this Elevate Summit has been designed to pull out of you.


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Britnie Turner

"My goal is to share with you the tools I've created or used to go from living in my car to successfully creating and running six companies in less than ten years.

The tools I used to not only NOT get knocked out of the game but also to keep my mission in front of me, scale at absurd speeds, start, overcome, and grow during recessions, global pandemics, and economic meltdowns.

With clarity comes alignment. With alignment comes synergy. With synergy, you can have a powerfully impactful life."

Experience Life-Change of your own

"Life changing. One of a kind. Unconventional. Soul refreshing. I’ve had the privilege of being a guest on The Aerial, BVI twice now, and to say that the experiences have been life-changing is an understatement. There is something truly special about being removed from the rest of the world, surrounded by absolute beauty, and submerged in an environment that is designed to heal and unlock purpose. This experience has spurred a desire in my heart to envision more, not just for myself but for the impact my life can have on others. Forever grateful. Forever changed."

 – Hannah P.


During your stay at the Elevate Dream Summit you will be intentionally placed into one of the many island rooms. Each room comes with its own intention that will keep you in a present state of mind all week.







Elevate Dream Summit: 2025 Dates Coming Soon


Payment options

Investing in yourself is priceless and we can guarantee that a week spent on-island will transform elements of your life. See below for different summit payment options to invest in yourself.

Pay In Full

1 Payment of $9,987

*Price per individual. Single room is not guaranteed.

Payment Plan

Finance for as little as $484/month

*Price per individual. Single room is not guaranteed.

Bundle and Save

Book 2 Events & Save 10%

*Restrictions may apply. Single room is not guaranteed.

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Elevate Dream Summit
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