AUGUST 15-19, 2022

Gain a deeper level of clarity that will transcend into your daily life – allowing you to go beyond being a human doing and welcome your human being.

Ask yourself this: Have you ever felt like...

  • You’re going through life at a million miles per hour with no slowing down in sight?
  • You set big goals, and accomplish them, but never take the time to celebrate before moving on?
  • You’re never quite where your feet are, and you’re always looking ahead to the next big thing?
  • You never take time for yourself, to focus on yourself, set your own goals, and create plans to actually reach those goals?
  • You can’t get away from the stress of all that is going on and it’s starting to affect your mind, body, relationships, and more?

But what is instead you could...

  • Wake up every day with overwhelming peace that you’re on track and aligned with everything you want to accomplish in life?
  • Reach even bigger goals than you ever imagined possible, and actually feel free enough to celebrate those achievements?
  • Understand how to be fully present in every second of every day so that nothing can ever displace you from the moment?
  • Have extreme clarity in your goals, that you know that what you are doing every single day is aligned with your 5-year plan?
  • Have exponentially healthier habits, thoughts, relationships and more?

All of this, and more, is possible and it’s much more achievable than you may believe in this moment.

You may be asking, “but how?”

When you choose to attend the Elevate Presence Summit, August 15-19, 2022 at The Aerial BVI you will be completely immersed an environment of intentionality, focus, and presence.

Through the power of complete silence, introspection, and guided workshops you will learn how to stop living your life of “human-doing” and step fully into your human being.


You look around and all you see is the vibrant blue waters of the Caribbean.

You feel the cooling ocean breeze on your skin as you bask in the sun overhead.

All you can hear is the waves crashing onto the cliffs below you as you sit in complete silence on your very own private island.

Except you do hear something else . . .

For the first time you can distinctly hear the inner voice in your head, but not in a weird way.

You hear this still, small voice in a way that provides extreme peace, clarity, and focus.

You finally get to step away from the hustle of your every day life – the hamster wheel of to-do lists.

In this moment you get to be alone, just you and your thoughts.

There. is so much power in this moment.

These moments of stillness that you will experience at the Elevate Presence Summit will be moments you reflect on later in your life, as the moments that changed the entire trajectory of your life.

This is where you will figure out your purpose and understand what you’re going for in your life like you never have before.

This is where you create the plan for your life that allows you to live with immeasurable joy and passion every single day.

This is where you learn what it means to be fully present in every moment.


DAY 1 – AUGUST 15, 2022

Introduction to the group and the island.

Set your intention for the week so you have the clarity to uncover all this summit is designed to pull out of you.

DAY 2 –AUGUST 16, 2022

Silent Day 1

Wake up for the sunrise and take part in a full body meditation and yoga session.

Experience a guided writing session led by our keynote speaker to help you uncover your WHY.

Play all day under the sun, on the beach, and in the ocean as you reflect on your inner thoughts that have been consuming your headspace.

DAY 3 – AUGUST 17, 2022

Silent Day 2

Start your day off with a morning beach workout, island hike, or ocean swim followed by a healthy breakfast prepared by the island chef.

Breakthrough the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back in life through one-on-one sessions with our keynote speaker.

Enjoy a relaxing dinner on the beach under the stars as you reflect on the shifts the day has brought.

DAY 4 – AUGUST 18, 2022

Silent Day 3

Connect back to nature as your explore the island trails on a morning hike down to the beach to workout, swim, or stretch.

Experience the power of equine therapy as you learn about the island’s rescue ponies and even take a swim with them in the ocean.

Sail around the island, paddleboard, snorkel, or seabob while you take in the beauty of the BVI.

Soak in the final day of silence through writing reflections, yoga, and meditation.

DAY 5 – AUGUST 19, 2022

Take part in the final group breakfast and share with other summit attendees your top takeaways from the week.

Connect with your new inner circle of people who will hold you accountable to your transformation into your higher self.


Healing Food & Drink

If it’s here, it’s good for you. All food and drink is included with your stay and will be prepared using locally-sourced, high-quality, nourishing ingredients by the head chef.

Exclusive Amenities

Explore the beauty and adventure of the British Virgin Islands. During your summit experience will have exclusive access to all water, land, and wellness activities and amenities.

Personal Touch

Rest assured, you’re in good hands. After booking,  you will be given a personal concierge that will ensure a one-of-a-kind experience including travel to and from the EIS airport.


AUGUST 15-19, 2022

All-inclusive price per person is $9,987.

Payment plans are available.