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Elevate Summits 2021

This year Elevate your Dreams, Elevate your Presence, Elevate your Abundance, Elevate your Strength, and Elevate your Love.

Align your mind, body, and spirit as you reconnect to God, nature, yourself, and others in a space of healing and miracles.

This is your year, come Elevate.


June 27 – July 1


July 24-28


September 24-28


Oct. 29 – Nov. 2


March 1-5, 2022


JUNE 27 – JULY 1, 2021

The Elevate Abundance Summit is your time to breakthrough into the life of wealth and abundance you desire to walk in. In this 5 day intensive, you will learn why the world NEEDS you to be wealthy, how to drop the limiting mindset or beliefs that are holding you back, how to build the mindset and habits to be able to acquire wealth and be given access to resources for you to start elevating. You will learn  from force for good multi-millionaires on how they went from Broke to Woke in their mindset, relationships, achievements and wealth and how you can too.



Understand how building wealth will allow you to scale your life’s mission

Understanding the mindset and action differences between the rich, poor and middle class

Drop limiting beliefs and habits

Create the mindset required for gaining and keeping wealth

Learn how to 10x your income in the next 12 months and build multiple streams of income

Sing, Dance, Sun, Swim, Hike, Sail, Snorkel, Play, Laugh, Learn, Limbo



Started her business at 21 while living in her car, 6 years later she won Forbes 6th Fastest Growing Woman Owned Company in the World. Britnie went through the pain of poverty, had to break off her limiting mindset and put in the right actions in order to now own 6 successful companies under the Aerial brand, a nonprofit and her own island. 


Jerremy Alexander Newsome is the CEO and Co-Founder of Real Life Trading. The Mission of Real Life Trading is to Enrich Lives and that is done by teaching people how to safely and properly invest in the stock market. Jerremy’s passion for trading and teaching leads to life changing information and impact. Jerremy promises to always bring high energy, humor, relevance and a colorful approach to education. 



JULY 24-28, 2021

There is nothing more powerful than being able to live in the present moment. The Elevate Presence Summit has been cultivated to bring you the ability to BE.  For 3 days you will bask in the  true presence of full silence with no distractions. You will finally be present with yourself, the calming of a breeze, the vast beauty of the sea, the genuine warmth of the sun. By the end of this experience, you will gain a deeper level of clarity that will transcend into your daily life, allowing you to go beyond being a human doing and welcome your human being.


Silent retreats are one of the fastest growing travel trends on the planet because of the powerful life changes that take place. For those seeking relaxation,clarity, inner peace, balance and spiritual renewal the Presence Summit will be the powerful reset you need.

It’s about permitting all the noise in our lives to quiet down and take the back seat. It’s about choosing to let our worries pause and to let the world turn without us for just a few days. It’s about getting clear with undivided attention so that our hearts may be opened knowing what matters most. It’s not just silence for the sake of silence, but a life-giving silence that allows us to become out highest and best self.


Day 1: Learn how to BE. You will be guided on how to connect to your senses, God and nature.

2 Days of Complete Presence: Take in the sights, sounds and smells. Hike, sit by the ocean, swim and learn to listen to that still small voice.

Last Day: Debrief breakthroughs together as a group, seal every moment and go forward with a new found unparalleled confidence and clarity for your life.

Beach party and limbo



Britnie has used the power of presence to help her navigate through the hardest and darkest times of her life as well as know what to focus on to live the life and have the impact she has always dreamed of. Knowing how to be still, connect and listen is almost a superpower for those who know how to BE.




SEPTEMBER 24-28, 2021

The Strength Summit is about aligning your body with the long term vision for your life. We only have one vessel. This body. This body carries us into our callings, it affects the way we respond to life events, it guides our leadership ability, it’s what we hold our family with, it’s what we help others with. Learning how to elevate this body so we can reach our full potential must be a primary focus. In the Strength Summit we will design a powerful vision and plan for the body and strength we desire. We will learn how to make decisions out of love and passion for our future not hate, pain or hiding. We will learn how to think healthy, eat healthy, live healthy. Together we will design our strategic health plans, cook transformative food and exercise on the most beautiful island in the world.

Whatever is holding you back must GO. It’s time to elevate.


Strength is not just a physical state, strength is being mentally, physically and morally strong. To be the best version of yourself you need to walk in strength in every area of your life.  We believe not only food but thoughts are also medicine. Whatever addiction, negative belief system, or habit that is holding you back, lay it down here and never pick it up again. Come become the strongest version of yourself that is not only just ready to tackle any challenge life may throw at you but is also ready to soar at the greatest heights.


Design a powerful vision for the future

Heal mentally from whatever has been holding us back

Bridge the gap from where we are to where we want to be in our health which affects the rest of our life

Creating an actual plan for our food and our fitness (lifestyle not diet)

Learn to cook delicious, transformative,  healthy meals together

Adopt the mindset of a warrior so we can be resilient to life’s most difficult challenges

Exercise in unique and adventurous ways on the most beautiful private island in the world

Cook, Eat, Lift, Sail, Swim, Hike, Kayak, Snorkel, Play, Dance, Laugh, Limbo



Britnie has focused her life in such a way to live in what she calls “ whole life success.” Whole Life Success: the feeling of peace and joy, living with optimized health, Having happy, connected relationships, impacting the world with your purpose, and living free. Health is the major pillar in her life. “If we don’t have our health we are living in constant distraction. Too tired to get up and answer the call on our life. Too sick to go on the mission trip or see the world, too anxious to speak, lead or forge ahead. We are stuck in this vessel, lets optimize it.” Britnie has grown 6 successful companies and gone from homeless to owning a private island in less than 10 years. She has dove deep in the education of foods and fitness routines that not only elevate the body but also the mind. “I look forward to sharing how to take your goals, wellness and vision for your life to the next level regardless of where you are starting from.”


Whitney Wiser has overcome what looks like insurmountable odds. Well on her way to the big leagues of competitive body building she was run over and crushed by an SUV as a result of ending an abusive relationship. After having her spine fused back together and relearning how to walk, Whitney made her way not just back to bodybuilding but the Olympia stage as one of the greatest fitness athletes in the world. 

Whitney went on to found Wiser Fitness in 2015 with the mission of empowering people to strengthen their body through personal training & nutrition coaching. She leads with the understanding that a person’s health & wellness in their physical body is a byproduct of the condition of their mind & spirit.

In 2017, she formed Fit Life Productions to host events and coaching on a wider scale to inspire confidence and strength. “I believe without a doubt that with a positive mindset, WE ARE ALL CAPABLE OF ANYTHING.”


Jeremy Locke is a Warrior Athlete. With 20 years in the military, and 8 of those as a member of the US Special Forces, Locke trains others how to not only  be mentally strong but how to make your body a fine tuned machine that will allow you to accomplish any mission.  “If you can learn to manage your energy and your emotions you win life. In the Special Forces we understand that our bodies and our minds are as much of a weapon as those we carry. I will be sharing some of the greatest training & lessons I’ve learned that will elevate not only people just starting out but the most extreme athletes in the world.”




There is no greater force on Earth than Love, it’s what we breathe for, it’s how we connect and is what makes life full. At the Elevate Love Summit, you will heal to the point of understanding just how worthy you are, just how beautiful you are and how to love yourself so you have the ability to love others. During this 5-day immersive experience gain the capacity to elevate love in your life so you can attract, keep and elevate the relationships you desire.


The Love Summit teaches how to become a Whole Person. Whole enough to love yourself, love others and elevate the relationships you want to go to the next level.

* A Whole Person is someone who has taken the time to get clear on their vision, turn it into an actual plan they can walk out, remembering what matters most to them. They have a powerful mindset and inner circle to help them stabilize and scale to reach their potential. Their actions and what they spend their time and money on speaks of what they care about most, their relationships are aligned, healthy, pure and strong. They are vessels of hope, love and light that create a synergy resulting in the formation of a better system than the broken one they set out to change in the first place.



Heal – heal from the past

Define – get clear on what you really want in all of your relationships

Attract – develop the mindset and practices to be able to attract these relationships

Keep – develop the mindset and practices to be able to keep these relationships

Elevate – deepen, strengthen and elevate the relationships you want to grow and keep your life

Play: Suning, Sanding, Dancing, Boating, Playing, Laughing, Singing, Swimming, Hiking, Writing, Listening, Limbo



Britnie Turner has lived her life coming from a place of love first.  Her love for people and passion for creating opportunities for those who have none has led her to form the Aerial Group of companies, G-FORCE and The Aerial BVI.  Britnie knows the importance of love in your life and how powerful understanding that you are a person worthy of love can be.  Her unique teachings will give you the ability to identify and walk in your calling, freeing you up to do what you love with who you love along the way.  When asked what loving someone looks like she responded with, “Love is accepting someone as they are while encouraging and supporting them to walk in the fullness of who God has called them to be.  But it starts with you becoming a whole person yourself.”


Anil Gupta overcame suicide in 2008 and has since then formulated the Happiness Formula, spoken on Fox News, Harvard, Sky TV, Tedx, written a best seller book, Immediate Happiness and founded The Happiness Score.

He has held relationship and mindset workshops in over 18 countries and translated in 8 languages, with audiences of over 10,000 fans. Anil has a unique intuitive gift to remove the blockages that prevent people living fulfilled lives, in just a matter of hours.

Anil has been invited by Presidents, spiritual leaders, billionaires, Royalty, philanthropists etc to share his knowledge and is on a mission to inspire 1 billion people and is always available to share his unique and powerful content.




MARCH 1-5, 2022

The Dream Summit is a 5-Day intensive in a space of miracles, designed for you to be able to get clear.

Clear on how to make your one chance on Earth the most impactful it can be.

Get clear on your purpose, and clear on your plan.

Leaving this Summit, you will know who you want to become, what you want to do, and EXACTLY what you need to do to get there. We dive deep to understand what limiting beliefs are holding you back and replace them with limitless beliefs.

You will be armed with the tools to be able to recalculate after life swings and you will leave with relationships that will help hold you accountable to never quitting on your potential.

Come gain the clarity required to Elevate your Dreams and turn them into reality.


This summit, for many, will be the first and largest step to becoming a “Whole Person”

Whole Person: Someone who has taken the time to get clear on their vision, turn it into an actual plan they can walk out every day remembering what matters most to them. They have identified what could knock them out of the game so they build a powerful mindset and inner circle to help them stabilize and scale to reach their potential. Their daily actions speak of what they care about most, their money funds what they care about most, their relationships are aligned, healthy, pure and strong. Their time is spent on the things they care about most and the ripple effect of their life is that the synergy they created resulted in the formation of a better system than the broken one they set out to change in the first place.  They dont think its holy to be broke, they understand it is their responsibility to be able to provide for more than just themselves and their family because the more resources they have, the more they can be used as a vessel of hope.


START WITH WHO you want to truly be at the end of your life & write the story

Learn how to design your life intentionally

Distill down the mission and vision statements for your life

Turning your life plan into REALITY leaving with a vision board, priority sheet, and built out calendar 

Develop your one page business plan so everything you spend time on aligns and is synergistic

Release your limiting beliefs and replace them with limitless beliefs

Gain the tools to continue to learn and grow, but also live on the path of your full potential

Sing, Dance, Sun, Swim, Hike, Sail, Snorkel, Play, Laugh, Learn, Limbo



“My goal is to share with you the tools I’ve created or used to go from living in my car to owning my own private island in less than 10 years. The tools I used to not only NOT get knocked out of the game but also to keep my mission in front of me, scale at absurd speeds, start, overcome and grow during recessions, global pandemics and economic meltdowns. With clarity comes alignment. With alignment comes synergy. With synergy you can have a powerfully impactful life.”


“I went from being an exhausted and overworked single mother, working night and day just to make a living to now, having the life of my most sacred dreams. I will show you how to harness the power that you already possess and carry within; the power of your deepest heart’s desires. I will guide you through the formula that can make your wildest dreams come true. I have helped to unleash thousands of people and I am looking forward to helping you.”


The Aerial is a transformative, inspiring private island that drives positive transformation. Our mission is to host gatherings for inspired leaders of all kinds, helping to incubate world-changing ideas and elevating our guests to new heights through a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Aerial is a 45-acre, fully-staffed private island with breathtaking views and luxurious amenities. Offering several island-wide hiking trails, a gorgeous private beach, a refreshing infinity pool, a beachside gym, a private recording studio, and more, The Aerial is an idyllic oasis and ideal venue for small gatherings.