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Top 5 Benefits of a Saltwater Pool for Wellness

October 17, 2023 | The Aerial, BVI

Many people and institutions are swapping chlorine pools for saltwater pools for their various health benefits. Compared to conventional chlorinated pools, saltwater pools are praised for being easier to maintain and gentler on the skin. Saltwater pools may also help relieve stress and anxiety. 

To sweeten the deal, saltwater pools have a mild odor and taste and contain substantially less chlorine than typical chlorine systems. Whether you are considering a vacation destination with a saltwater pool or are thinking about installing a saltwater pool at home, learning about the benefits of saltwater pools can help you make an informed decision.

What Is a Saltwater Pool?

A saltwater pool is a type of swimming pool that uses salt chlorination generators (also known as salt cells) to sanitize the water instead of traditional chlorine chemicals. A salt chlorine generator converts bulk sodium chloride (NaCI) to chlorine through electrolysis. Like a chlorinated pool, a saltwater system functions like a conventional generator and helps to eliminate algae, bacteria, and contamination. 

While saltwater pool water contains significantly less salt than ocean water, salt-chlorinated pool water is silkier than standard pool water and can leave your skin feeling like you just walked out of the ocean. The following are just a few of the reasons that many vacation providers and families have opted for saltwater pools.

1. Saltwater Swimming Pools Are Gentler On Your Eyes 

Saltwater pools produce a lower chlorine concentration than traditional chlorinated pools. This makes them gentler on the eyes and less likely to cause skin irritation. They also don’t smell like chlorine. Unlike chlorine filtering systems that can leave your eyes feeling dry and red, a saltwater pool is less likely to cause eye irritation. 

As a bonus, saltwater pools are great for your skin. A 2005 study found that salt water can benefit people with atopic dermatitis by improving skin hydration and reducing redness and inflammation. In contrast, regular chlorine pool water is more likely to make your skin feel dry.

2. Salt Water Can Reduce Joint Pain 

Bathing in salt water could help alleviate symptoms of arthritis and inflammation. While research is limited, some studies suggest that salt water and mineral baths can have a soothing effect on inflamed joints and are believed to release beta-endorphins, reducing pain and swelling throughout the body. Mineral-rich water can be especially helpful for people who suffer from mineral deficiencies due to prolonged stress or poor diet.

Aside from the minerals in salt water, it offers a couple of additional benefits for joint pain:

  • The buoyancy of salt water can provide more support for the joints. 
  • The minerals in salt water may help to improve circulation.

The healing and mineral-rich properties of salt water are part of the reason we have opted for a saltwater infinity pool at our luxury spa resort in the British Virgin Islands. Combined with our other wellness retreat offerings, our saltwater pool helps to support wellness and vitality.

3. Saltwater Pools May Help With Stress And Anxiety 

Saltwater pools offer several health benefits that can indirectly contribute to stress reduction. For example, the lack of resistance in salt water can make you feel more buoyant, easing stress on the body and mind. Swimming, in general, can help reduce stress as exercise increases the production of feel-good chemicals in the brain. 

Saltwater Pools May Help With Stress And Anxiety

4. Saltwater Pools May Reduce Allergy Symptoms 

A pinch of salt may be just what you need to curb pesky allergy symptoms. Sinus rinses, whether intentional or not, can wash out irritants in your nasal passages. Also, since many people find that chlorine can exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms, saltwater pools can be an excellent alternative for people who are sensitive to chlorine. 

5. Saltwater Pools Are Better for the Environment 

Saltwater pools are often considered more environmentally friendly because they require fewer chemicals than conventional chlorine pools. Additionally, because saltwater pools use less chemicals, they require less upkeep. The chlorine used in traditional chlorine pools forms chloramines that emit a gas into the atmosphere, according to the CDC. This is much less of a problem with saltwater pools.

Saltwater Pool at Aerial BVI

Take A Refreshing Saltwater Dip 

There are many benefits of saltwater pools, including softer skin, reduced stress and anxiety, and joint or muscle pain relief. A saltwater swimming pool is also better for the environment than a traditional chlorinated pool that emits gasses into the air.

Considering the benefits salt water can have on the body and mind, it makes sense to look for a vacation destination with a saltwater pool or consider a saltwater pool for your home. Then, all you will be left to do is break out your swimsuit. That soothing salt water is waiting for you!