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Weather in the Caribbean: A Guide for Future Visitors

April 9, 2024 | Britnie Turner

The Caribbean is a popular vacation spot due to its year-round warm temperatures, white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and cultural appeal. Tourists looking to escape harsh winters or enjoy a tropical vacation should inform themselves about the peak, rainy, and off-seasons before they book. Understanding the weather in the Caribbean can also help you choose the best island on which to relax and enjoy some of the region’s best weather on your chosen travel dates.

What Is the Average Temperature in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean enjoys a sunny, tropical climate year-round. Temperatures typically fall between the mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit

  • Temperatures above 86°F are common during the summer months (from June to October), which is the wet season in the Caribbean. Humidity levels also rise during summer, making sharp showers and tropical rain storms more frequent. The annual rains typically begin around late May or early June and last until November. 
  • The dry season in the Caribbean typically lasts for the remaining half of the year (December through May). Expect sunny skies and pleasantly warm temperatures.
Caribbean beach

Deciding When to Visit the Caribbean 

You can visit the Caribbean at any time of year thanks to its relatively steady and consistenty warm climate. However, it’s important to recognize that weather patterns vary by location:

The Wet Season

  • The Bahamas will generally experience the brunt of the rainy season weeks before it extends to the rest of the region. 
  • The rainy season in the Caribbean, which runs from about June to November, brings significantly increased rainfall on certain islands such as Antigua and Barbuda. 
  • The Southern Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao receive little rain even during the wet season.

The Dry Season

  • The dry season brings mild and pleasant temperatures of around 83°F to islands such as Antigua, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and St. Maarten. 
  • The Western part of the Caribbean, such as Cozumel and Costa Maya, experiences cooler temperatures in the dry season, falling at around 74°F. 


  • The spring months—March, April, and May—can be a great time to visit the British Virgin Islands. Rainfall increases only slightly and temperatures are pleasantly warm.


Aerial's BVI pool side view

High Season and Low Season in the Caribbean

The Caribbean enjoys a tropical climate, making this region a “year-round destination” for any traveler looking for warm weather and sunshine. However, certain times of the year are considered “high” and ” low” seasons in the Caribbean:

  • Mid-December to mid-April is considered the high season in the Caribbean. 
  • The shoulder seasons run from May to July and then from late October to mid-November. 
  • The low season in the Caribbean runs from August to October. 

You can choose an optimal time to visit the Caribbean by considering what kind of vacation you want. 

  • High season: If you like to participate in a wide range of watersports, dine at all the hot spots, or enjoy a riveting night on the town, you may want to visit the Caribbean during the high season. This is because most facilities, bars, and restaurants are in full operation during the high season in the Caribbean. 
  • Low season: The low season in the Caribbean may have fewer activities and food and drink options, but it provides a more relaxed experience with less crowded beaches. Many hotels and lodging options in the Caribbean slash their prices during the low season to attract more guests. People planning a private island wedding can take advantage of low-season prices for a more affordable ceremony while still enjoying near-perfect Caribbean weather conditions.

The dry season (lasting roughly from December to May) is considered the best time to visit the Caribbean. This period offers warm temperatures, low humidity, and minimal rainfall. At the same time, the dry season in the Caribbean coincides with the high season, so you can expect more crowds. Others may prefer to travel during the spring or rainy season for lower prices while still enjoying plenty of sunshine between the quick, sharp showers.

Sunny day at the Caribbean Island

Selecting a Caribbean Island Based on Weather

Selecting a Caribbean island to visit based on weather really boils down to your preferences. The following are some of the most frequented Caribbean islands and the best times to visit:

  • Aruba: This gorgeous island in the south of the Caribbean Sea is known for its soft sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and nightlife. April, May, and June are great months to visit Aruba because the prices are lower, the temperatures are still pleasant, and rainfall and storms (while possible) are still rare.
  • The Bahamas: This tropical paradise in the West Atlantic Ocean is for beach lovers and watersport enthusiasts. The Bahamas includes over 700 coral islands and cays that are ideal destinations for birdwatching, fishing adventures, and enjoying flavorful cuisine. Winter is generally said to be a perfect time to visit The Bahamas, especially during the months of December, January, and February, with temperatures averaging a comfortable 81°F.
  • The British Virgin Islands: These picturesque islands are located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea and constitute a British Overseas Territory. The British Virgin Islands are known for their sparkling sand beaches, deep blue waters, and slow island pace that is perfect for relaxing. The best time to visit the BVI is from December through April when the weather is sunny and there is minimal rainfall. April, May, and November are also good times to visit these islands, as the water is warmer and excellent for swimming. Visitors looking for the ultimate escape can enjoy an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation at The Aerial, BVI, our all-inclusive private island wellness resort.
  • Jamaica: This lively island, famous for its reggae music, beautiful waterfalls, and laid-back atmosphere, is located in the Caribbean Sea about 500 miles south of Miami. Jamaica enjoys a year-round warm climate with average temperatures ranging between 73°F and 89°F. Sunshine levels spike in February and last until April, with 9 hours of beautiful sunshine daily—perfect for swimming off any of the island’s beaches.

Plan Your Caribbean Getaway Strategically

Anytime is an ideal time to visit the Caribbean islands. That said, planning your tropical gateway based on weather preferences can be helpful. 

  • The dry season: The dry season is a popular time to visit the Caribbean. However, keep in mind that it can be crowded. 
  • The rainy season: The rainy season can be an excellent time to visit the Caribbean because hotels and restaurants offer great deals. Plus, the rainy season guarantees fewer crowds. 

Whichever time you visit the Caribbean, expect to be met with lush vegetation, beautiful beaches, and warm weather. Year-round, the Caribbean is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing tropical escape!