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Stored Data Policy


This policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for obtaining guest consent to store credit card data and personal information (name, email, phone, and address) and use this information for potential charges, future bookings, and promotional offerings at our all-inclusive resort.


This policy applies to all resort guests and to all employees responsible for handling guest credit card data and personal information.

Policy Statement

Our resort is committed to providing our guests with a secure and enjoyable experience. To facilitate this, we require consent to store credit card and personal information on file to cover any potential charges, simplify future bookings, and inform guests of promotional offerings. This policy ensures compliance with applicable data protection regulations and safeguards guest information.

Guest Consent

  1. Obtaining Consent:
    • During the booking process, guests will be informed about the need to store their credit card information.
    • Consent will be obtained through a clearly presented opt-in checkbox, accompanied by a link to this policy.
    • Guests will be required to agree to the terms before completing their reservation.
  2. Consent Language:
    • "I hereby authorize The Aerial, BVI to store my credit card information for potential charges related to damages or incidentals incurred during my stay. I also consent to the storage of my name, email, phone number, and address for future bookings and promotional offerings. I understand that my card will not be charged without prior notification."

Data Storage and Security

  1. Storage:
    • Credit card data will be securely stored in our PCI-DSS-compliant system.
    • Access to stored credit card data will be restricted to authorized personnel only.
  2. Security Measures:
    • All credit card information will be encrypted during transmission and storage.
    • Regular security audits and monitoring will be conducted to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of guest data.

Use of Stored Data

  1. Charging for Damages or Incidentals:
    • Guests will be notified via email or phone before any charges are made to their stored credit card.
    • A detailed invoice outlining the damages or incidental charges will be provided.
  2. Future Bookings:
    • Stored personal information will be used to facilitate and expedite future booking processes.
  3. Promotional Offerings:
    • Guests will receive promotional offerings and updates via email, phone, or mail. They can opt out of these communications at any time.
  4. Dispute Resolution:
    • Guests have the right to dispute any charges by contacting our Experience Team within 30 days of receiving the invoice.
    • Our team will review the dispute and respond within 10 business days.

Retention and Deletion of Data

  1. Retention:
    • Credit card data will be stored only for the duration of the guest’s stay and up to 30 days after checkout unless there are outstanding charges or disputes.
    • Personal information will be retained for future bookings and promotional offerings unless the guest requests deletion.
  2. Deletion:
    • After the retention period, all stored credit card data will be securely deleted from our systems.
    • Guests can request early deletion of their data by contacting our Experience Team, provided no outstanding charges or disputes exist.

Guest Rights

  1. Access:
    • Guests have the right to request access to their stored credit card and personal information.
  2. Correction:
    • Guests can request correction of any inaccuracies in their stored data.
  3. Withdrawal of Consent:
    • Guests can withdraw their consent to store their credit card and personal information at any time by contacting our Experience Team, provided there are no outstanding charges or disputes.

Policy Review and Updates

This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to ensure compliance with applicable laws and best practices.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact:

Experience Team
The Aerial, BVI
[email protected]


By completing your reservation, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to this Stored Data Policy.