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Bahamas vs Caribbean: Which Should You Visit?

Bahamas vs Caribbean

Idyllic scenes of tropical getaways, spectacular beaches, turquoise waters, and swaying palm trees may come to mind when you think of The Bahamas. Or perhaps you imagine these same images when dreaming of the Caribbean islands.  These two regions have several features in common and both are popular vacation spots. Understanding the differences can help…

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Caribbean Islands & Reasons to Visit Each One

Caribbean islands list

The Caribbean describes the area in and surrounding the Caribbean Sea that is home to thousands of islands. Among these islands are 26 countries that collectively form a vibrant region with stunning beaches and plenty of places to explore. All of the Caribbean islands are worth visiting and choosing the right island paradise won’t be…

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Best Caribbean Island for a Girls’ Getaway

Best Caribbean Island for a Girls Getaway

The Caribbean is an ideal spot for a girls’ getaway—whether it’s for a bachelorette party, wellness escape, or friendship reunion. The warm weather, picturesque natural surroundings, and tourist amenities provide a ready-made setting for relaxation and fun. Most tourist destinations in the Caribbean are well set up to cater to groups of friends as well…

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Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Best places to visit in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea is full of spectacular destinations that adventurers should visit at least once in their lifetime (and preferably more!). Each island boasts natural wonders and many also feature historical sites that provide a window into the influences that have made the Caribbean islands what they are today. The Caribbean destinations that have been…

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