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What Is the Official British Virgin Islands Currency?

British Virgin Islands currency

The official British Virgin Islands currency is the US Dollar. You’ll find items priced with the dollar symbol throughout the islands and can use physical cash brought from the USA or another country that issues USD. This is very convenient for US travelers because they don’t have to convert costs mentally or worry about exchange…

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How to Kickstart Your Life Transformation

Life transformation

It’s possible to achieve lasting life transformation when you adopt the right mindset, define your vision, and start to implement small changes. It’s often helpful to begin by reading self-development books and making a list of habits and behaviors that are holding you back. From there, all you need is the willingness and commitment to…

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What Is Sound Bowl Therapy?

Sound Bowl Therapy

Sound bowl therapy is a holistic practice that uses vibrations produced by Tibetan singing bowls to promote healing in the body and mind. During a sound bowl therapy session, a trained practitioner gently strikes or plays the sound bowl to release different frequencies that create soothing tones and vibrations.  It is believed that the vibrations…

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4 Best Things to Do in the British Virgin Islands

Things to Do in the British Virgin Islands

There are plenty of ways to experience the best of island life in the British Virgin Islands. You can try water sports off Caribbean beaches, sailing tours on crystal clear waters, and day trips hiking through lush Caribbean rainforests. Then there’s the delicious array of fresh Caribbean food! The British Virgin Islands offer something for…

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