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Yacht Provisioning Tips in the British Virgin Islands

bvi provisioning tips

Provisioning your yacht properly is key to an unforgettable experience while cruising through the pristine waters and stunning landscapes of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Most charter companies offer full or partial provisioning services to stock your bareboat charter before your first trip, or you can opt to handle it all yourself. Whichever option you…

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Best BVI Events for Families and Tourists (2024 Guide)

BVI Events

The British Virgin Islands is home to a vast array of exciting annual events for families and tourists as well as lively full moon parties each month that are a must-have experience for adult visitors to the BVI. Several of the top annual BVI events are celebrated with parades, live music and entertainment, local food,…

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Travelers’ British Virgin Islands Holidays Guide

British Virgin Islands Holidays Guide

The British Virgin Islands celebrate a wide range of public holidays, many of which are religious. The Cabinet approves the public holidays for each upcoming year before the year begins.  This list includes the public holidays that are approved for 2024. Please note that the list may change in subsequent years depending on the dates…

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Which BVI Island Is Best?

Deciding which BVI island is best for a tropical vacation depends on your travel preferences. Several stunning islands in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) await exploration. Each island has its own unique charm and offers something a little different.  Many visitors start their journey on Tortola, one of the main British Virgin Islands. This island…

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Quick Guide to Virgin Islands Music

Virgin Islands Music

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) are separate Caribbean territories that share common colonial history and musical influences. These musical influences reflect the island groups’ rich cultural histories and provide an opportunity to learn about the vibrancy and rhythm of Caribbean island life. Quelbe (called fungi in the BVI)…

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BVI Customs Rules – What You Can Bring into the BVI

BVI Customs Rules

If you’re planning to travel to the beautiful British Virgin Islands, it’s important to know what products you can and can’t bring into the country. Familiarizing yourself with customs procedures and entry requirements can help avoid unforeseen delays, misunderstandings, and legal issues. Every country requires travelers to go through customs when crossing an international boundary,…

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What Language Is Spoken in the Virgin Islands?

What Language Is Spoken in the Virgin Islands?

English is both the official language and the dominant language in the British Virgin Islands and the United States Virgin Islands. You may also hear people speaking Creole in both of the Virgin Island territories. Due to regional migration and the islands’ proximity to Latin America and other Caribbean countries, you may hear French and…

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What Is the Official British Virgin Islands Currency?

British Virgin Islands currency

The official British Virgin Islands currency is the US Dollar. You’ll find items priced with the dollar symbol throughout the islands and can use physical cash brought from the USA or another country that issues USD. This is very convenient for US travelers because they don’t have to convert costs mentally or worry about exchange…

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4 Best Things to Do in the British Virgin Islands

Things to Do in the British Virgin Islands

There are plenty of ways to experience the best of island life in the British Virgin Islands. You can try water sports off Caribbean beaches, sailing tours on crystal clear waters, and day trips hiking through lush Caribbean rainforests. Then there’s the delicious array of fresh Caribbean food! The British Virgin Islands offer something for…

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How to Get to the British Virgin Islands by Air Travel

Flights to BVI

The easiest way to get to the British Virgin Islands by air is to fly into the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island (EIS), located near Tortola (BVI’s main island). This airport serves as a hub for most major airlines arriving from North America and Europe. Some travelers may find it easier to…

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