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Yacht Provisioning Tips in the British Virgin Islands

bvi provisioning tips

Provisioning your yacht properly is key to an unforgettable experience while cruising through the pristine waters and stunning landscapes of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Most charter companies offer full or partial provisioning services to stock your bareboat charter before your first trip, or you can opt to handle it all yourself. Whichever option you…

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Best BVI Events for Families and Tourists (2024 Guide)

BVI Events

The British Virgin Islands is home to a vast array of exciting annual events for families and tourists as well as lively full moon parties each month that are a must-have experience for adult visitors to the BVI. Several of the top annual BVI events are celebrated with parades, live music and entertainment, local food,…

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Travelers’ British Virgin Islands Holidays Guide

British Virgin Islands Holidays Guide

The British Virgin Islands celebrate a wide range of public holidays, many of which are religious. The Cabinet approves the public holidays for each upcoming year before the year begins.  This list includes the public holidays that are approved for 2024. Please note that the list may change in subsequent years depending on the dates…

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How to Plan a Caribbean Vacation & Which Mistakes to Avoid

how to plan a caribbean vacation

Careful planning is key to making your Caribbean vacation a success. Whether you are thinking about a romantic getaway, a family trip, a friendship reunion, or solo travel, researching everything thoroughly beforehand and making the necessary preparations will help your trip go smoothly and be everything you hoped it would be. Effective planning starts with…

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Best Places to Snorkel in the Caribbean

Some of the best places to snorkel in the Caribbean Sea offer clear waters, tropical fish, and stunning coral reefs. This makes the Caribbean a haven for snorkeling enthusiasts looking to explore some of the best snorkeling destinations in the world. Many Caribbean beaches offer a unique underwater world of shipwrecks, sculptures, and coral formations.…

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Which BVI Island Is Best?

Deciding which BVI island is best for a tropical vacation depends on your travel preferences. Several stunning islands in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) await exploration. Each island has its own unique charm and offers something a little different.  Many visitors start their journey on Tortola, one of the main British Virgin Islands. This island…

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Weather in the Caribbean: A Guide for Future Visitors

The Caribbean is a popular vacation spot due to its year-round warm temperatures, white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and cultural appeal. Tourists looking to escape harsh winters or enjoy a tropical vacation should inform themselves about the peak, rainy, and off-seasons before they book. Understanding the weather in the Caribbean can also help you choose the…

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Guide to Private Island Getaways for Couples

Taking your loved one on a romantic getaway to a private island is a wonderful way to keep the spark alive and show them how much they mean to you. A romantic vacation at a private island resort comes with beauty and near perfection at every glance with white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, private…

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Bahamas vs Caribbean: Which Should You Visit?

Bahamas vs Caribbean

Idyllic scenes of tropical getaways, spectacular beaches, turquoise waters, and swaying palm trees may come to mind when you think of The Bahamas. Or perhaps you imagine these same images when dreaming of the Caribbean islands.  These two regions have several features in common and both are popular vacation spots. Understanding the differences can help…

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Caribbean Islands & Reasons to Visit Each One

Caribbean islands list

The Caribbean describes the area in and surrounding the Caribbean Sea that is home to thousands of islands. Among these islands are 26 countries that collectively form a vibrant region with stunning beaches and plenty of places to explore. All of the Caribbean islands are worth visiting and choosing the right island paradise won’t be…

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